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Marketing Ideas to Help Raise Your Brand Awareness

Square and Vistaprint sponsored. Ready to boost your brand awareness? I’ll walk you through my favorite branded examples to spark ideas and get your imagination flowing. In this class I’m focusing on low cost solutions that are fast and fun. Let’s be real- no one has time for complicated and expensive tactics in a pandemic. 

Led By Shining Optimisim

When the going gets tough, the tough stay positive. 

Tackling It Together

No matter what you’re experiencing, you’re never alone.

Part Science, a Dash of Magic

Everything I share is steeped in data and forged by experience.

Excellent Advice, Day or Night

No question is too big or too small. Happy to help!

5-Star Rated Course

Turn Your Brand Into a Marketing Hit

Join over 2,000 students on Skillshare and learn how to maximize the brand you have. We’re in a new era of digital marketing and brand building. Expectations are higher and customer demand is changing. In this class, I’ll teach you how to infuse your brand into your marketing efforts to entice, delight, and create lasting relationships with your audience.

Leadership 101

Leading Creative Marketing Teams

Want to be a boss? Bossed before, and need a refresher? This course is designed to help any leader identify great talent, build a team that thrives through challenges, and avoid common pitfalls that grind on creative productivity. You’ll walk away with a plan to measure, report, and manage workload, as well as how to identify the right talent to hire into your team. We’ll also discuss tactics, strategy, and expectations of a great boss. 

Leadership 201

Moving Past Failure: Improve Your Career

Have you ever felt paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake? Is your time limited and precious, and any failure feels fatal to your growth? This class is for you.

Lets break you out of your mindset and help turn mistakes into ideas. Our best and brightest companies are lead by the world’s top innovative thinkers that are proud to embrace continuous learning, (i.e. failing fast and moving on).

Companies I’ve Worked With

Love a good transformation? Me too. Pop over to my Case Studies for great before and after stories.

Boss Book Club

Recommended Reading List

Did you know that CEOs read roughly sixty books a year? That’s about five books a month! If you’re looking for the best advice, look to the industry leaders. I’ve curated a list of the top books I think any smart boss, (like you!), should be reading.

“Elizabeth is a force in the industry by bringing a wealth of knowledge.”

Brian Sutherland, Green GO Box 

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